Fike’s Small Space Suppression System

Fike’s Small Space Suppression System

Pinpoint Fire Protection for CNC Machines & Electrical Cabinets

While most fire protection technologies are designed to mitigate fires within a large space, Fike’s latest technology eliminates fires within the mission-critical asset itself.

Fike’s Small Space Suppression System uses a flexible heat-reactive tubing to detect fires and activate the system. This tubing can be routed through a CNC machine or electrical cabinet, providing the ability to instantly detect a fire anywhere within the protected space.

Two different configuration options reliably protect specific hazardous applications:

Indirect Configuration – for CNC Machines

Small Space Suppression for CNC Machines1. A fire melts a hole in the detection tubing, which is pressurized with nitrogen.

2. The nitrogen pressure is released and causes the valve on the clean agent container to open.

3. Chemical agent flows from the container through hoses or pipes and is dispensed into the protected space through conventional fire suppression nozzles.

Direct Configuration – for Electrical Cabinets

Small Space Suppression for Electrical Cabinets

1. A fire melts a hole in the detection tubing, which is pressurized with nitrogen.

2. Upon release of nitrogen pressure, the valve on the agent container opens.

3. Chemical agent is released from the hole in the tubing and directly onto the fire which caused it to activate.

Both direct and indirect configurations of the Fike Small Space Suppression System offer the following advantages:

  • Rapid fire detection and immediate delivery of agent
  • Uses most trusted approved clean agents on the market: 3MTM Novec 1230TM Fire Protection Fluid or FM-200
  • Automatically activate
  • No power required
  • Cost-effective
  • 10-year service life
  • Easy online training
  • One-year standard warranty; five-year with service agreement

Why Fike for Small Space Fire Suppression?

Decades of experience protecting numerous industries ensures that regardless of the challenge, Fike can provide the most reliable systems for your unique applications.

With the launch of this innovative product, Fike is now uniquely positioned to provide both small-space protection (such as an individual server cabinet) and large-space protection (such as an entire data center). By choosing Fike to protect your small space applications, you will also receive the unmatched customer service for which Fike is known.