Energetic Devices

Energetic Devices

Fike offers a variety of energetic devices that work with downhole tools from Fike OEM partners. Fike energetics are rigorously tested and proven to perform within a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Fike’s team of energetics engineers are experts in the use and manufacturing of pyrotechnics and can design products to meet specific tools and tolerances.

Time delay fuse

time delay fuse


The Fike time delay fuse provides a nominal 6 minute delay (at ambient temperature) for detonation of Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) guns. The delay is approximately 4 minutes at 425 F. The fuse complies with API RP-67 and is CE certified.



Fuse igniter

fuse igniter


The fuse igniter is a stand-alone multi-use primer, designed to be used in downhole oil and gas exploration, completion and production applications. It can be used to initiate time delays, explosive trains and other downhole oil field devices.



Percussion initiator

percussion initiator

Percussion initiators are percussion fired initiators for use in downhole oil and gas completion operations. They are typically used in Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) operations to initiate the detonation chain of perforating guns for the completion of oil and gas wells.