Southern Supply Prevents Catastrophe with Fike HFC-227ea Fire Suppression System

Protecting a Critical Data Center for a Busy Wholesale Distributor

FM-200 (HFC-227ea) brandblustank voor schoon middel

Southern Supply Company is a wholesale distributor located in Springfield, Missouri. Southern Supply has a critical data center through which it handles all of its business activity, from shipping and receiving to accounting, for its 12 locations in Missouri and Kansas. Because it is key to the operation of its business, Southern Supply made the decision to protect their data center with a clean agent fire suppression system, rather than just a traditional sprinkler system. By choosing a clean-agent suppressant like FM-200® (HFC-227ea), Southern Supply would not be susceptible to the water damage that sprinkler systems can inflict on computers and other sensitive electronics.

Working with a Partner Who Understands the Dynamics of a Data Center

schematics of fire protection solutions in data centers are customized based on customer needs

Like most, Southern Supply’s data center is equipped with a transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) to condition and control the incoming power protecting the valuable equipment. Early in the morning on April 13, 2005 – with no one occupying the building – a severe thunderstorm rolled through the area and lightning struck the data center. The TVSS performed its function, protecting the electronic equipment from a large electrical surge, but in so doing, the TVSS unit caught on fire. The fire suppression system’s SHP-Pro® Control System, equipped with fast-acting smoke detectors, detected the fire and activated the Fike FM-200 Clean Agent System, rapidly extinguishing the fire.

A Reliable Fire Protection Solution for All Types of Fire Hazards

Southern Supply’s data center did not experience costly downtime or equipment damage. Fike’s distributor, Engineered Designed Facilities, Inc. (EDF), who provided the system installation, promptly responded to the  situation and recharged the fire-suppression system to ensure ongoing protection for the data center. Anna Squires, MIS Director of  Southern Supply Company’s data center stated, “We are thankful for the quality performance of  EDF and Fike’s Clean Agent Suppression System—it operated exactly as it was designed to and as a result we avoided serious downtime and equipment damage. Our purchase of the SHP Pro control system and the FM-200 clean agent system has proven to be a great investment.”