G2 Rupture Disc Manufacturing Technology

Because Reliability Is Everything

A rupture disc is a symbol of trust between its manufacturer and end user. It’s a promise that each rupture disc performs as intended to protect against downtime, equipment loss and injury.

That’s why after 75 years of manufacturing the world’s most reliable rupture discs, the Fike team continues to experiment—and continues to innovate.

Because when passion meets expertise, life- and property-saving technologies like G2 rupture disc manufacturing are born.

Why Does G2 Technology Matter?

G2 manufacturing results in Fike’s most reliable reverse-acting rupture discs, which offer:

  • Our Highest Operating Ratios – up to 95 (ASME) / 100 (EN ISO 4126-2) percent operating ratios allow facilities to run at full capacity without worry of unplanned downtime.
  • Low Burst Pressures – as low as 7 psig (0.48 barg) is attainable, many times lower than most forward acting discs.
  • Best Reliability – the inherent precision of burst tolerance resulting from the G2 technology provides the industry-best performance reliability.
  • High Cycle Life – capable of cycling from full vacuum to maximum allowed operating pressure in excess of 100,000 times.
  • Backpressure Resistant – ideal for in situ testing of pressure relief valves, while also protecting these high-value critical safety assets from corrosion and process contaminants.
  • Vacuum Resistant – concave surface of the disc faces the process side and can withstand full vacuum without added support.

All G2 rupture discs include the following characteristics:

performance attributes for g2 rupture discs include non-fragmenting, vacuum resistant, pulsating and cyclic, and the process media includes liquid and vapor or gas media

What is the G2 Manufacturing Process?

G2 manufacturing technology is the result of merging three essential methodologies:

G2 manufacturing results in Fike’s most reliable and durable reverse-acting rupture discs

Controlling the Reversal

While bulging the metal, an engineered reversal point is implemented, which allows for precise control in the disc’s pressure. When the disc is subjected to pressure equal to its predetermined burst pressure, reversal commences at the designated zone.

Replacing Hard Scoring

Conventional scoring and coining methods used to create a disc’s opening feature may cause microscopic mechanical damage or initiate corrosion. This has be

en proven to “overtake” the stress zone’s role as the primary opening feature of a reverse-acting rupture disc, resulting in loss of burst tolerance control.

Consequently, G2’s laser ablating and milling technologies remove material rather than compress it, allowing for a predetermined opening line without stress zones in support of the engineered reversal point.

Pre-Engineered Manufacturing

The large number of variables found in rupture discs parameters—including minimum and maximum burst pressures, material thickness and depths of the opening feature—are pre-engineered and pre-calculated. Therefore, a rupture disc with any combination of variables may be manufactured with maximum reliability and, in many cases, within an industry best lead time.

Which Fike Rupture Discs feature G2 Technology?


Designed for use in the most challenging industrial pressure relief applications, the reverse-acting, problem-solving RD520 AXIUS rupture disc is available in a range of corrosion-resistant materials and has the tightest burst tolerances available.


Designed to be used in most common industrial pressure relief applications, the reverse-acting rupture disc is available in corrosion-resistant materials.

RD320 reverse acting rupture disc features


Offers higher pressure capacity, while still featuring high-performance benefits including a 95/100 (ASME/ EN ISO 4126-2) percent operating ratio, liquid or vapor service, back pressure resistance and unrivaled cycling capability. Higher burst pressures of up to 1500 PSIG (103.42 BARG) makes RD500 ATLAS the endurance workhorse of the G2 Technology products, available in sizes up to 42″.


Offers high burst pressure capacity and sizes up to 24” with a wide range of corrosion resistant materials