Collaborative Explosion Protection Seminars in Brazil Deliver Powerful Message

On June 28, 2019, Fike participated in an explosion prevention seminar held in Santos, Brazil.

The seminar was a collaborative effort between Fike and several other subject matter experts to present the latest explosion protection research and products.

Over the last few years, Fike Regional Sales Manager Luis Barbim and Fike distributors have hosted road shows for end users, designers, authorities having jurisdiction, and more throughout Brazil.

However, for 2019’s road shows, Barbim and the team wanted to try something a little different.

“We realized it would be much more effective if we combine other companies together not as competitors but as compliments to one another,” Barbim said.

Participants in the seminar grew and included companies experienced in dust hazard analysis, inspections, air filtering and certifications.

Barbim presented information about both active and passive explosion protection solutions within applications including dust collectors, cyclones, silos and more. Fike’s distributor updated the audience on the latest technologies in fire protection, including linear heat, optical detectors, air sampling, earlier warning detection by Fike’s video analytics technology, and the various methods of suppressing fires.

The audience of more than 400 included representatives of petrochemical factories, grain transportation ports, logistics, agriculture and automobile manufacturing. Several students were in attendance as well.

Barbim said the feedback they received was overwhelmingly positive, and reiterated the effectiveness of the comprehensive message presented by the individual subject matter experts.

“People want to know the latest technologies, the most current information and the new devices on the market,” Barbim said. “A lot of what they know is outdated, so they want to use the new information and apply it to their own issues.”

The cost of attendance was just one kilogram of food, which added up to a donation of 800 pounds to the local food bank.

The next seminar is coming to Curitiba, Brazil on Sept 25 and in Recife on October 23. Four more explosion protection seminars are currently being planned for 2020.